The Success Story of Mona Khattab

The Success Story of Mona Khattab

A girl with physical disability lives in an extended family in Al-Zaitoun neighborhood which is one of the marginalized areas of Gaza City.
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“Omar Al-Gharabawi” challenged the disability and represented Palestine in basketball game

Nesma Hamto
Omar Al-Gharabawi, 32 years old, wakes up at seven in the morning to go to his work. He returns to his home at 1 P.M. to get a rest for one hour. He then goes to another job without any financial reward and just for full volunteering, despite the difficulties he faces in his life as a person with a disability.
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Peace Club female player, Abeer Al-Horkali, a Gazan girl who makes a miracle and outperforms the disability

Hanan Shabat
The Palestinian young woman, Abeer Al-Horkali, confirmed that she dreamed of living a normal childhood like the rest of the children, pointing that she lived her childhood in hospitals and operating rooms and moved between doctors, so that they can treat the congenital anomaly she was born with. She explained that despite her family’s attempts and more than fourteen surgeries, she did not get rid of her disability.
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Peace Club female players.. girls who challenged the disability and played basketball on their wheelchairs

With a high athletic spirit, they wore their unified team uniform and went to the stadium with persistence and determination to win after the coach whistled announcing the beginning of the match. They were divided into two competing teams, including young women whose bodies showed how much pain they have suffered since they were born. Their disability became a milestone in their lives. However, they refused to despair and decided to accept the fate. They made their disability the energy that leads them to achieve their goals. “Palestine Newspaper” observed those female players during a match through the next report.
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The player of Peace Sport Club, Al-Qlazeen defies his disability and proves himself by playing basketball

With strength and will, Hossam Al-Qlazeen (17 years old) push his wheelchair to reach Peace Sport Club for Persons with Disability in order to achieve his dream and renew his ambition. He is a high school student who joined the club six months ago to practice basketball and learn its special movements and techniques. He has participated in many games and has achieved many successes.
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Ali Jebril … a story of a hero who entered the hospital because of the loss of his team

He challenged all the obstacles to become a successful player in wheelchair basketball. Ali Mohammed Jebril, a 20-year-old player of Peace Sports Club for Persons with Disability. In 2013, Jebril began his sports path with Peace Sports Club and participated in many tournaments and won the best and youngest basketball player award in the Gaza Strip in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, he participated in a match in Ramallah against Bethlehem team and participated in West Asia Championship which was held in Jordan.
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Al-Sendawi went beyond disability to the world of sport

He entered the stadium and set it on fire. He competed with his wheelchair the other players, and won gold medals, Rajab Al-Sindawi, 36 years old, married and has six children. He suffers from a physical disability in his right leg, resulted from a medical error since his birth. His suffering did not stop at this point. His left foot was slightly injured in the first intifada by the Israeli occupation. He was shot by the Israeli occupation, which resulted in muscle wasting and limb shortness. However, this did not prevent him from working to ensure the requirements of his children. In fact, he worked as a launderer.
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The player, Moutaseem Abu Karash.. how did he climb “Mount Kilimanjaro” with a prosthetic leg?

Who said that the difficulties should be the end of the road? Cannot be the beginning of the road? The positive perspective of life with challenge was adopted by Moutaseem Abu Karash, who lost his leg and three fingers from his left palm because of an injury in his childhood. Although he tended to isolation and suffered from psychological pain at the beginning, he went back to life, and achieved what he would not have achieved if he had not injured.
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“Ahmed Tafesh” Gazan athlete challenged disability by practicing weightlifting

“We do not have to crawl when we feel that something pushes us to fly”, the American deaf-blind writer, Helen Keller left life after a long struggle against disability until she was called “the Miracle of Humanity.”, before her death, she gave the humanity these words to lighten the path for weak and ambitious people. Today, the athletic Ahmed Tafesh, 31 years old from Gaza, decided to fly with wings of will and faith instead of his lost hands. In the playground, he moves from one game to another. In that way, he moves from being just an amateur to a competitor to achieve impressive results and surprise everyone.
 “Tafesh” was born with a disability; he does not have complete hands, but since his childhood, he used to live with it and accept it. He commented on that, “I adapted to the disability with the help of my family. I lived my childhood; I played, ate my food, drank, wrote, and joined my classmates and went to school trips.” He added, “Honestly, I was able to impose myself on society, and I did not isolate myself from it.” Ahmed was able to adapt quickly and began his studies in Libyan schools diligently and with the encouragement of his colleagues and teachers without feeling inferior, until he returned to Gaza. Then, he felt the presence of his disability because of the comments of people around him as he described. However, with his steel will, Ahmed continued his studies until he graduated from the Rehabilitation Department at Community College in 2004.
Early on, Ahmed loved sports and started to practice it. He was playing football, table tennis, weightlifting and other games with his friends. In that regard, he said, “When I watched table tennis, I loved that game, and I started to think about how I could play it despite my disability. At the beginning, I started to hold the racquet with my hands with difficult, so I invented a method that helps me to hold the racquet with one hand and the ball with the other hand. He continued, “I designed a tool made from leather, and I connected it to the racquet. When I play, I tie it to my hand, while I hold the ball with the other one.”
In the weightlifting hall, Ahmed went to one of the machines and sat on it. He set a heavy weight and began to exercise. He surprised his coach, who thought he would go to a game for people with disabilities. Ahmed considers sports as a way to overcome his disability and achieve amazing results. He participated in several local tournaments and won many medals. He is currently playing in the Palestinian Military Team, hoping to raise the flag of Palestine in the Arab and international championships. He pointed out that he is currently assigned to be the table tennis sports guide in the Palestinian Military Team. Moreover, he is preparing himself for a tennis table championship, which will be held soon in an Arab country.
On the difficulties he faced in his sports path, he said, “The society’s negative perception of people with special needs from the standpoint of grief and sympathy for these people. Moreover, the relevant authorities do not embrace the talents of people with disability.” It is noteworthy that Ahmed rejects the prosthetic limbs. From his point of view, they will control him and restrict his movement.” During our conversation with him, his phone rang, and he grabbed it with his hands and answered. Then he talked to us about his family, saying “I am very proud of my family. I am married and father of three children. They are proud of me and have adapted to my disability.”
Ahmed works beside practicing sports as a data entry operator in one of the ministries in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, he manages Alnbras Educational Center which he founded in order to eradicate illiteracy and to teach various courses.
His beautiful spirit and smile did not fade away throughout the dialogue. At the end of his speech, he addressed the community, saying “We are part of this society and we have rights and duties. Disability does not affect our energy and enthusiasm, and society should be proud of us.” Ahmed also sent his message to the media professionals to convey the achievements of his peers because the future will be more beautiful with free journalists as he described.
Ahmed Tafesh, nicknamed “the Ambassador of People with Special Needs”, is a role model who has strong will and steadfastness. When you watch him playing football and scoring goals, or when he carries his racquet with one hand and the ball with the other hand, you realize that nothing can stop anyone from achieving his/her dream as long as he/she has faith and determination. The real disability is not the loss of limbs, hearing or sight, but rather surrendering to the troubles of life.
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